Why should we hire you?

According to The Muse, this is one of the 31 most common interview questions.

The good news is, despite how demanding and petulant the question can be, it’s actually a really great opportunity to sum up why you’re a good fit for the position. Furthermore, it allows you to talk about your skills, your fit with the culture, and everything in between. What more could you ask for in an interview?

Here are three good strategies to cover your bases for such an open question!

1. The Intersection

One way to attack this interview question is to converge what’s in it for the hiring manager and what’s in it for you. Basically, you want to get across that he/she will get an enthusiastic employee who has the exact right skills for the position and that you’ll get to—and therefore look forward to and be motivated to—do something meaningful, build your skills, and work toward the next step of your career.

The key here is to not forget that second part: talking about yourself. Too many people make the mistake of only listing the benefits for the employer, so going into what’s in it for you will give insight into why you’ll stay driven—an attribute all interviewers are looking for.

2. The Company Expert

Some interviewers will explain it and others won’t, but you should know that the full question is always, “Why should I hire you over everyone else?”.

If you feel you’ve already spelled out your skills and experience multiple times, perhaps a better approach for you is to show what you have to offer that others don’t. Assuming you’re competing against other similarly qualified candidates, a good thing to highlight at this point is your dedication to the role.

To do that, show deep knowledge of the business and an understanding for how you might fit in. This, of course, requires a good bit of company research, so you can talk about the uniqueness, the history, the future, and your own personal investment. Diving into your knowledge of the company serves a few purposes. You show your excitement for the position and you demonstrate how you handle something you’re invested in.

3. The Problem Solver

Frequently, hiring managers post positions because they have a problem that needs to be solved. Answering the question, get straight to the point and outline, ideally in detail, how you can offer immediate relief for the company’s pain point.

Don’t spend all your time talking about the past—focus your efforts on the future, and explain how you can make the interviewer’s life easier by addressing his most imminent issue. This shows you’re forward-thinking, already a team player, and ready to hit the ground running.


Next time you’re faced with this interview question, try one of these strategies to stand out above your competitors. If nothing else, you’ll be memorable for how polished and confident you were. That alone might make you special!


Source: The Muse


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