The Student Value Path offers the opportunity of an internship in your preferred sector. It is an excellent starting point for a professional career and will help you to plan your future.

The Student Value Path also offers an excellent opportunity to get to know Milan, Italy’s principal economic and financial hub, but also an exhilarating cultural centre.

Ema Z. – Croazia, Student Value Path 2015, Focus Management

I recommend the Student Value Path experience to others of my age. It plays a very useful ad important part in building a professional profile, and never fails to provide interesting information.

It gave me my first opportunity to experience the world of communication, which I knew little about it. I discovered the huge importance of relationships and the interchange of ideas and suggestions, both inside the company and with the outside world.

Rhezza L. – Milano, Student Value Path 2015, Vhernier

I have always been interested in matters of strategy and business consultancy. The Counselling Process has given me a better understanding of my areas of interest, and Experience in the Field has taught me how international markets can vary and how different strategies can be used to deal with this.

The Student Value Path has enabled me to discover Milan and Italy and to gain new friends and experiences, but more importantly, it has helped me to progress professionally and focus on my future work and ambitions.

Petra S – Croazia, Student Value Path 2015, Focus Management

The experience of these past months has helped me to practise what I have learnt from books. The Coaching Course has allowed me to focus on my abilities and discover my potential, meaning that I shall be able to work effectively in a business. The Student Value Path has given me confidence and determination. It has also given me a very professional initial work experience, which is sure to enhance my CV.

Davide MUdine, Student Value Path 2015, Boglioli

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