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The main industries in which you can pursue an internship are:

FINANCEBusinesswoman with arms folded in front of a growing chart during a meeting

An internship in finance allows you to have a look into the company’s strategy for managing its monetary flow as well as to educate yourself on concrete concepts such as investments, management of corporate assets and risk assessment. This is a very competitive sector in which professional experience can be the trump card during a job selection process. Examples of the tasks that you will have to accomplish include: Supporting the drafting of the financial report Company evaluation through DCF and industry multiples Research on the companies subjected to investments…
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An internship in Real Estate allows you to understand the main dynamics of the sector, from investments to transactions management, and from brokerage to private equity. With this internship, you can experience different areas of the company and find your way in the business world.
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This sector provides companies that are not traded on the stock exchange market with venture capital that can be used to develop new technologies or products, to expand their circulating capital, to make acquisitions or to strengthen the financial statement of a company.
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Successful businessmanASSET MANAGEMENT

An internship in Asset Management provides an overview of the activities that aim to maximize the value and the yield of a portfolio, from the client acquisition phase to the management phase. It is a great opportunity to learn the skills and the dynamics of brokerage associated with the job of Asset Manager.
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An internship in the advertising sector allows you to have an overview of the processes that guide a communication campaign. Experience in an advertising agency will enable you to identify the areas that best reflect your interests.
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An internship experience in Milan is a unique opportunity if you want to start a professional career in the luxury sector. An experience in this area enables you to understand the attention to detail and the aesthetic taste universally recognized as the “made in Italy” hallmark.
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If you want to start a career in the field of architecture, an internship in Milan is a great opportunity to test your skills in important international companies and to acquire an experience both in planning and in the  economical/management areas.
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An internship in design is the beginning of a professional path in a creative and stimulating sector. Design is a world with many opportunities that can change in accordance with your personal interests: from fashion design to graphic, from industrial design to the web. You can learn fundamental skills and deepen your knowledge of programs by taking part in all of the planning phases.
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The events organization sector consists of many different professionals who work together to create a final product. With an internship in this area, you can meet these professionals and understand what their tasks are: from the planning of an event to its PR management and from relationships with suppliers to the press office. It is an opportunity to acquire professional experience and to refine your goals by identifying the role in which you are most interested.
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PR strategy is a crucial communication tool for companies, institutions and private firms. The most important task is to communicate and support the identity of an organization and thereby enrich its reputation. An internship in this area is particularly suitable for anyone who wants to learn dynamics and strategies that companies and PR agencies use.
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businesswoman with documentsACCOUNTING

An accounting internship is suitable for everyone who wants to gain experience in the administration field and to take part in the preparation of financial statements, company planning, budgeting and controlling.
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Internships in the legal sector guarantee the opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the main juridical subjects as well as to acquaint yourself in detail with all of the activities carried out in a law firm.
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For those who are interested in an experience in the marketing sector, an internship is an opportunity to observe the strategies that define a marketing plan. The internship allows you to understand mechanisms and to work with highly qualified professionals as well as to familiarize yourself with various approaches: from digital marketing to non-conventional and from traditional techniques to viral.
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Women photographers working in office with tabletART GALLERIES

Italian artistic patrimony ensures various training opportunities in museums, art galleries and first class cultural associations to everyone who is interested in this sector.
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An internship in education takes place at a school, university or prestigious institution. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself, develop skills linked to everyday teaching and training for professionals or tutoring, all while working together with teachers and trainers of great experience.
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An internship in HR requires active participation in the recruiting process and in human resources management. It is an opportunity to provide support during all of the typical activities, from events planning to personnel selection.
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Young people meeting with digital tabletHOSPITALITY AND TOURISM

An internship in the hospitality sector is guaranteed to be a highly formative experience working with prestigious receptive structures, institutions or organizations linked with tourism.
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Arts and Humanities




Cultural Heritage

Educational Sciences

Political Science




International Relations

The skills acquired during university studies are valued in a transversal way in the business world. For this reason, we encourage you to send us your Curriculum Vitae in order to share with us the area in which you would like to pursue an internship, regardless of your degree course.

Any examples?

occhioAre you a student of Arts and Humanities who would prefer to have an experience in the advertising sector?

Many professions in this field require skills in humanities.

Are you pursuing a Biology Degree, but looking for work in finance?

The financial sector and private equity funding sector often look for students of biology, chemistry, mathematics or engineering: their specialized skills can be an asset when assessing companies before investing.

Did you graduate with a degree in architecture but are currently seeking a position in the fashion and luxury world?

Many companies look for technical skills to optimize visual merchandising and retail areas.

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