Fashion Marketing

The intern will become a social media savvy (working with Pinterest, Twitter, Forsquare etc.) and will:

  • Help with merchandising campaigns;
  • Recruit new designers;
  • Work on marketing project;
  • Viral promotional campaigns;
  • PR projects, company newsletter and more.


The intern will :

  • Prepare presentations and write effective communications;
  • Establish and maintain social media channels ( i.e Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook) increasing ;brand presence and ensuring credibility in the market;
  • Develop and maintain corporate Image;
  • Communicate publicity and information to targeted clients;
  • Observe and advise on industry trends;


The student will follow the aspects regarding:

  • Dynamization of the company’s online communities and writing related content following the guidelines and strategies established by a community strategist;
  • Reporting weekly results, providing ideas for improvement and for avoiding potential trouble;
  • Tracking online communities.

B2B Marketing Internships

The intern will be part of the international Sales and Marketing team and will:

  • Support B2B (Distributors, retailers, corporate);
  • Support B2C (branding, social medias…);
  • Support the International sales team;
  • Participate in Strategy Marketing and Operational Marketing.

Marketing Internship

  • Building and sending out daily publisher reports to the teams;
  •   Support for the operations and publisher teams to insure all campaigns run smoothly;
  •   Support to publishers, meetings, and help out with general administrative tasks.

Marketing Management Internship

The intern will assist in the following tasks:

  • Strategic Brand Planning
    • Identify Key consumer targets, key channels and accounts, competitive threats and opportunism market trends and brand strength and opportunities;
    • Identify knowledge gaps, create plan to fill most pressing needs;
    • Assist in the creation of a strategic brand plan (identify objectives, communication strategy…);
    • Assist in the effort to gain internal alignment/approval of the brand plan;
  • Assist in the creation of Integrated Marketing Planning;
  • Create consumer communication plans to identify optimal media channels;
  • Define national promotions, time periods and promotional themes.
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