Criminal Law Internship

Active participation to:

  • Interview clients in detention facilities as well as in the office to gather social history;
  • Gather, review, and interpret records requested on behalf of clients;
  • Interview witnesses, including relatives, coworkers, employers, etc;
  • Assess clients’ need for psychiatric or psychological testing, medical services, substance abuse testing and/or treatment, etc;
  • Research programs in the company.
  • Ricerca di programmi nello studio;

Criminal Law Internship

The student will:

  • Attend court hearings;
  • Sit-in on client meetings;
  • Sort through police reports and cases;
  • Assist with arguments for trial;
  • Take pictures of evidence to help prepare for cases as well as administrative tasks such as answering phones.

Legal Intership

Interns will participate in discussion and review of the legal field and in particular business law and intellectual property law.Duties include:

  • Document assembly;
  • Exhibit assembly;
  • Exploring basic court room rules and procedure;
  • Document retention and organization;

The intern will also learn the marketing of a firm, billing concepts and understandings (essentially all aspects of a law firm).

Legal in Private Equity

The intern will be of support to the advising on all aspects of private equity transactions, including:

  • Investments, whether by way of private acquisitions, public company takeovers, minority investments or joint ventures (acting for both managers and investors);
  • Exits, whether by way of trade sale, IPO or dual–track;
  • Ongoing work for portfolio companies, including add-on acquisitions, asset sales, refinancing and restructuring.

Corporate Affairs Internship

  • Support to the meetings of Board of Directors and Shareholders’ meetings of foreign subsidiaries;
  • Support to the analysis and review of corporate documents:
    • Deed of incorporation;
    • Shareholder agreements;
    • Articles of association;
  • File statements, notices and other information according to relevant laws and regulations;
  • Support for extraordinary corporate transactions (mergers, demergers, reorganization, etc.)

Corporate Law Internship

The intern will take part in the below activities:

  • Board and committee meeting preparation (oversight of materials, calendar, communications, etc.);
  • Negotiation of M&A transactions;
  • Drafting, reviewing and revising of Securities and Exchange Act filings;
  • Management of governance and policy-related matters;
  • Oversight of international corporate structure;

Business Law Internship

Support role to the lawyer in order to:

  • Provide contract analysis and advice on key transactions;
  • Legal project management, including managing external legal resources;
  • Review and assist management with the handling of commercial claims;
  • Participate in both legal and client organization-driven projects;

Trademark Attorney Internship

Some of the activities will include backing the lawyer when:

  • Researching new trade marks;
  • Carrying out searches to see if the proposed trade mark is already in use;
  • Advising on trade mark availability for use or registration;
  • Advising on design and copyright issues;
  • Overseeing all procedural details of trade mark registration;
  • Managing, protecting and enforcing intellectual property rights, including trade marks, patents, copyrights, designs, and the ‘get-up’ of a product i.e. its look or image;
  • Negotiating in disputes regarding trade marks;
  • Taking action on trade mark infringement and passing off;

Drawing up appropriate contractual papers;

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