Marketing in Hotel management

This internship will include tasks such as:

  • Research and identify competitors in emerging markets/ Analyze their pricing,
  • Draft a qualitative report on market trends;
  • Develop research into targeted markets;
  • Prepare feedback analysis reports.

Internship in Hotel Management

  • Lo studente godrà di un’esperienza a rotazione, che lo metterà a contatto con il Front Desk, le prenotazioni, Concierge, Vendite, Risorse Umane…;
  • Dovrà inoltre lavorare come assistente al management e alla squadra vendite;

Internship in Hospitality Administration

  • Planning and organizing accommodation, catering and other hotel services;
  • Promoting and marketing the business;
  • Managing budgets and financial plans as well as controlling expenditure;
  • Maintaining statistical and financial records;
  • Setting and achieving sales and profit targets;
  • Analyzing sales figures and devising marketing and revenue management strategies;

Hotel Management Internship

  • Ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations.
  • Recruiting, training and monitoring staff;
  • Planning work schedules for individuals and teams;
  • Addressing problems and troubleshooting;
  • Ensuring events and conferences run smoothly;
  • Supervising maintenance, supplies, renovations and furnishings;
  • Dealing with contractors and suppliers;
  • Carrying out inspections of property and services;

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