The Student Value Path is an intensive training experience that introduces participants to the workplace while they are still studying, allowing them to enhance their CVs with an experience of value.
This Path is composed of different phases, but it can be mainly divided in two steps: the Counselling Process and the Experience in the Field.

STUDENT VALUE PATH is a personalized and unique set of services divided in two steps:

   Counseling Process                Experience in the Field

  • PERIOD: April and May
  • GOAL: Acquiring the tools needed to discover personal values and new opportunities
  • METHOD: one to one meetings, online or in Milan
  • COMMITMENT: part time
  • We advised on ways to present your skills and abilities to best effect in your CV.
  • We suggest the best techniques for writing an application letter.
  • The Career Coach Expert supplies the tools and skills that bring success.
  • We build a personal path following analysis of your personal values and the identification of your interests and abilities.
  • You learn to become more aware ad to focus on experience in the field.
  • Meeting professionals in the sector helps you identify the type of work that best matches your inclinations and abilities.
industry expert
  • A realistic simulation of a job interview allowing you to put your skill into practice and gain greater self-awareness.
mock interview
  • We identify the business projects that most closely match the profile created after an analysis of your abilities and interests.
  • For each project identified we organise a job interview with the host company.
job interview
  • PERIOD: June and July
  • GOAL: To gain awareness of professional challenges
  • METHOD: eight weeks in Milan experiencing business activity and teamwork
  • COMMITMENT: full time
experience in the field
  • Career Paths and the partner company prepare a specific project, to be completed by the participant within the eight-week period.
  • Each participant will be monitored and accompanied by a business tutor during daily activities.
  • Experience in the company will help you develop a deep understanding of workplace dynamics and the professional skills required in your specific area of interest.
  • Career Paths integrates business experience with training seminars such as:
    • Presentation skills
    • Graphology
    • NLP – Body Language
    • Multicultural seminars
    • The seminars take place weekly ad are presented by managers, university lecturers and experts who deal with a specific subject area.

It will be also possible to participate in:

  • Network meetings
  • Sporting activities
  • Museum visits
  • Outings
  • And much more…

What is coaching and career counseling?

They are methods of personal growth that provide the tools to achieve your goals with awareness.

Who is the Career Coach?

It is a professional who, through a personalized training approach, supports the student in his search for the path most suitable for his abilities, and provides him with the competencies to confidently face the selection process and the business world in general.