The Minister of Labor Giuliano Poletti recently said that three months of school holidays were excessive and that it would be of a positive nature for a young man to work three or four hours a day for part of the summer. We at Career Paths support this position and appreciate the innovations introduced on the school-work alternation. The experiential learning in the study plans is a virtuous mechanism consolidated abroad and that we hope will soon become a fundamental part of training programs.

Career Paths goes further and looks to the universities. If working during the summer period is useful for high school students, for university students it should be a must. Summer is the ideal time to enrich your Curriculum Vitae (CV) with professional experiences that allow you to gain awareness into your interests and abilities. The agent of these experiences must be the student helped by the support system provided by University Career Centers and private enterprises. A good Career Service Center must be able to support the student in writing a good CV, proposing personal development programs and offering targeted training experiences. Companies, should see the short term benefits and long term worth in opening their doors to students and create highly educational and purposeful projects.

Career Paths, with its Summer Internships programs in Milan and New York, is working to strengthen the the synergy between universities and workplace leadership. The global testimonials we have gathered show us that summer experiences not only help the young generations to successfully identify their career path, but also to mature as people and become an active part of society.


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