This internship gives the student the opportunity to work within a small team that oversees the prospecting, acquisition and management of areas object of interest.

The intern will be responsible for assisting the senior team with financial analysis of existing and prospective portfolio while also visiting existing properties and overseeing their construction and management.

Brokerage in Real Estate

Interns will work within the commercial real estate brokerage business and will therefore:

  • Gain experience with marketing, mapping, and studying a geographic area;
  • Work on maintaining and refining a database, and learning what it is like to work in a commercial real estate brokerage;
  • See real estate transactions happen first hand and explore the commercial real estate market.

Property Management in Real Estate

This internship will capture a 360-degree view of Real Estate Development and Property Management.Working directly with executive level members of the organizations the intern will be exposed to every step in the Discovery, Acquisition and Rehabilitation, Development, Marketing and Management of Commercial level buildings.The interests and strengths of the intern will determine their specific day-to-day activities.

Real Estate Asset Manager Internship

The intern will support the asset manager in creating and overseeing customized asset management strategies for investment properties owned by the firm and consequently:

  • Maximize total return for each assigned asset through the analysis of property efficiencies and identifying opportunities for improved performance;
  • Work closely with third party property managers and leasing agents to provide direction for and oversight of business plans, budgets, forecasts, leases, analysis and approvals;
  • Negotiate third party contracts;
  • Manage cash flow, distribution analysis and investment projections;
  • Develop and distribute periodic asset management reports to investors, consultants and other partners;
  • Provide pre-acquisition input and assistance in due diligence process;
  • Oversee asset disposition process.

Real Estate Internship

This internship opportunity will give college students the chance to gain commercial real estate sales, marketing and transactional experience in an energetic and dynamic workplace.

Interns will join an investment sales team of experienced investment associates and will perform market research, data analysis, marketing materials preparation and special projects.

They are expected to attend client meetings.

This internship will give the student the possibility to:

  • Provide Asset Business Plans for the management of the real estate funds;
  • Manage the sales process from its origination to its conclusion;
  • Perform feasibility studies for new projects and implementation of new funds.
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