We all have things that we consider as the improbable — running a marathon, climbing a mountain, contributing during meetings or changing our job.

Sometimes we struggle to find the wherewithal to overcome these fears, and  sometimes we are strong enough to tackle what once seemed out of reach.

Here we propose 4 principles that can be applicable in every area of our life in helping to work through challenges both personal and professional

 1.Surrounding yourself with good relationships and a trusted support system

Sometimes, the encouragement and the unwavering belief of a friend can play a huge role in a person’s success. We all struggle with internal doubts and with those people who are ready to reinforce those doubts.  Stay away from those people.

Surround yourself with mentors, true friends and role models who can help usher you to greater purpose and accomplishment.  Pick people who challenge you and are truly thrilled when you excel. Most importantly, make the effort to build and maintain those important relationships!

2.Quality is worth the investment

Invest in your career as you would most anything else in your life — and then some.  This can look like the earning of degrees, taking professional classes or building an online presence. There is always something on which to improve and creating a daily discipline to focus on being smarter — works. 

3.Preparation is important

Leave nothing to chance.  You will not only be viewed as to the quality of required preparation but often and more importantly, on your willingness to dedicate the time.

Seeking a career requires a game plan that involves reaching into multiple layers of your network, researching publications and periodicals, analyzing competitive companies and projects — being thoughtful and organized.  Keep notes and learn from every iteration.

4.Perfection is admirable but the road may have unforeseen potholes

Timing is important as is also, preparation in every form. However there must also exist the ability to think and create.  Muscle memory — the ability to practice and learn — is at its most effective when the measurable is known and new possibilities are then allowed to emerge.  Make mistakes on your own time so you will know best when to speak and contribute

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