Last week we had the chance to interview Ottavia Pomini, a former Student Value Path participant who is now living between Milan and New York because of her professional and personal life. She told us about her summer internship experience in New York City at Vhernier’s.


First of all, what are you doing now in New York?

I recently ended my summer internship experience in Vhernier, so I came back to Italy for a while to take my university exams (she is studying Public Relations at IULM University). Then I’ll fly back again to New York to attend New York Fashion Week and to take the English course at the end of which I’ll do the TOEFL test. Furthermore, I write for an online newspaper about fashion, so I have the chance to attend the Fashion Week and I’m quite excited about that! After my degree I would like to take a Master in Gemology in NYC…


That’s quite a strange course of study… Why gemology? 

That’s thanks to Career Paths and the summer internship experience I had the chance to do. I found out that the luxury jewelry sector is quite fascinating. Initially my aim was to have this kind of experience in the fashion field, but Dolly (CEO of Career Paths) suggested me this option. And now I wouldn’t change a thing of what I did. I really developed a passion for jewelry and diamonds, so I decided to pursue my studies in this direction.


So, tell us something about the job at Vhernier

I had to do so many things I can’t even remember in details. My assignments varied a lot: I used to take the jewels to photo shootings, so I had a huge responsibility! Sometimes I stayed during shootings, so I came in contact with a lot of people of the fashion world. I also managed the correspondence with journals, I updated the media alert list and the editors list. I did the press review, handled the advertising on the New York Times, I managed Vhernier’s Christmas gifts, than I attended two important events organized by the brand, I shot photos and recorded the company’s invoices, and then a lot of more things! I really enjoyed my time at Vhernier’s. The PR office is always very busy, so I never got bored. The team was very nice, I really felt part of it and I was treated as an actual employee. For instance, they also invited me to the company’s Christmas dinner, and I really didn’t expect that! When I ended my internship and I had to leave, everyone at the office made me a present, I think they really appreciated me and my job during those months. I grew fond of them, and we are still in contact.


What about your skills? Did you improve your English?

First of all, now I can perfectly manage both a telephone and face-to-face conversation in English without embarrassment or problems. I became quite confident about that. Then of course I improved my English, even if I still want to work on my grammar: for this reason I’m going to attend an English course in NY in the next months..


Would you recommend this kind of experience?

Definitely. I learned new skills and improved my existing capabilities. Furthermore, I discovered a whole new world which fascinates me and made me change the direction of my studies and life. I have to say that probably, without my boyfriend and friends living in New York, everything would have been tougher, because NY is far from home and a city which in some ways alienates people. But I was lucky enough!

Thank you Ottavia!

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