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Career Paths si occupa da oltre 20 anni di Career Building, vanta una importante esperienza professionale internazionale ed un network di elevato standing in grado di supportare i progetti più ambiziosi di formazione e sviluppo personale e professionale.

Le numerose esperienze d’aula ed i progetti di Coaching e Personal Development hanno permesso a Career Paths di sviluppare diverse tipologie di servizi innovativi inerenti la consapevolezza e la definizione del percorso ideale di carriera.


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Career Paths opera tramite le divisioni


Career Paths è la prima società Italiana operante nel settore del Career Building e sviluppa percorsi ideali di carriera per individui e gruppi di lavoro. La continua ricerca e l’utilizzo delle migliori best practices internazionali, fanno di Career Paths la più innovativa società europea operante in tale settore.


How to face the challenges of the workplace

We all have things that we consider as the improbable -- running a marathon, climbing a mountain, contributing during meetings or changing our job. Sometimes we struggle to find the wherewithal to overcome these fears, and  sometimes we are strong enough to tackle...

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Job interview ~ how to ace them

Though job recruiting has changed over the past several year the primary aim of the recruiting remains the same; to establish if there is that “fit” between the company and the candidate. Interviews are an integral part of that process and here are 5 tips that will...

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Interview tips ~ how to leave a positive impression

Fundamental to a successful job interview are the insights gained from both your and the interviewer's questions and answers.  The interviewer might challenge you on facts or may wish to see how you react to a specific circumstance.  Your responses and subsequent...

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La Scala‬’s annual premiere

La Scala's season opens on December 7th, Saint Ambrose's Day -- the patron saint of Milan. This year the premiere is "Giovanna d'Arco" (Joan of Arc), an operatic dramma lirico with a prologue and three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Temistocle...

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La Recreation is Over (Abravanel and D’Agnese)

Designing one's own future is not easy: obstacles, variations and distractions can distract attention from the initial objective, making it increasingly unattainable, until it fades away in the most extreme cases. We have already written that to face the world of...

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Yes, to Summer Internships

The Minister of Labor Giuliano Poletti recently said that three months of school holidays were excessive and that it would be of a positive nature for a young man to work three or four hours a day for part of the summer. We at Career Paths support this position and...

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Internship ~ experience and human relationships

Max Braun studied at the University of Illinois. He started his academic career with both creative and purposeful visions and wanted to work in an advertising agency —— to win over Cannes.  He decided to test himself with an internship, in understanding the need to...

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La Milano che vorrei. WE – Women For Expo.

Chi non conosce bene Milano la figura avvolta in un manto di nebbia, affaccendata e nervosa con il suo traffico quotidiano, mondana e stravagante nel tempo libero. Tutti se la immaginano come una donna in carriera, forte e decisa, che nel suo correre frenetico, spesso...

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