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Career Paths si occupa da oltre 20 anni di Career Building, vanta una importante esperienza professionale internazionale ed un network di elevato standing in grado di supportare i progetti più ambiziosi di formazione e sviluppo personale e professionale.

Le numerose esperienze d’aula ed i progetti di Coaching e Personal Development hanno permesso a Career Paths di sviluppare diverse tipologie di servizi innovativi inerenti la consapevolezza e la definizione del percorso ideale di carriera.


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Career Paths è la prima società Italiana operante nel settore del Career Building e sviluppa percorsi ideali di carriera per individui e gruppi di lavoro. La continua ricerca e l’utilizzo delle migliori best practices internazionali, fanno di Career Paths la più innovativa società europea operante in tale settore.


The terrific question: “Why should we hire you?”

  Why should we hire you? According to The Muse, this is one of the 31 most common interview questions. The good news is, despite how demanding and petulant the question can be, it’s actually a really great opportunity to sum up why you’re a good fit for the...

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The first month of an internship ~ 6 things to do

These key steps during your internship's first month will help ensure that you are successful and can help you create long-lasting professional relationships, build a referral network and gain insights into the company's culture and operations. Here are six action...

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Email etiquette rules

Email is an essential tool that can be effective with thoughtfulness and discipline. It should not be supplanted by other forms of social media.  Professional behavior, common courtesy, a clear message and the following rules of etiquette will allow you to be...

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Six ways to be proactive in your job search

Looking for a job often becomes a passive process and an exercise only, in immediate gratification.  Job postings, with the rush of sending cover letters and resumes can give the impression of proactivety but often are just that - an impression.  Imagine if you were...

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Experience in Milan ~ Luca Tarable’s internship

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Luca Tarable, a former Student Value Path participant who is now living and studying in Boston. He told us about his summer internship experience in Milan. Luca, what are you doing now in Boston? I’m currently studying for a Master...

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Internship experience ~ Anna Cervesi

Last week we met and shared a Skype call with Anna , one of our Student Value Path participants.  She is experiencing her summer internship in Miami in the field of architecture. How is your internship going, Anna? How is your job organized? I have to say, I’m quite...

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Summer internship experience ~ Jelena Brajevic

A couple of day ago we met with Jelena, one of our former students who experienced a summer internship here in Milan with our Student Value Path. She has come back to visit the friends she met while working in Milan.  We took advantage of her coming in to say hello...

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