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Career Paths si occupa da oltre 20 anni di Career Building, vanta una importante esperienza professionale internazionale ed un network di elevato standing in grado di supportare i progetti più ambiziosi di formazione e sviluppo personale e professionale.

Le numerose esperienze d’aula ed i progetti di Coaching e Personal Development hanno permesso a Career Paths di sviluppare diverse tipologie di servizi innovativi inerenti la consapevolezza e la definizione del percorso ideale di carriera.


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Career Paths è la prima società Italiana operante nel settore del Career Building e sviluppa percorsi ideali di carriera per individui e gruppi di lavoro. La continua ricerca e l’utilizzo delle migliori best practices internazionali, fanno di Career Paths la più innovativa società europea operante in tale settore.


6 things to do in the first month of your internship

An internship isn't just about getting coffee and making copies—even if it's tasks like those that make up most of your responsibilities. Being an all-star intern can help you make long-lasting career connections, get great recommendations for future positions and...

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How to impress someone during an elevator pitch

An elevator pitch is basically a 15- to 30-second soundbite that explains to people who you are, what you do and what kind of position you're seeking. The idea is that you can deliver your pitch to someone in the amount of time it will take an elevator to get you both...

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Career Based / Technology ~~ Education

    OPINION | EDTECH BUSINESS Sources of Hope for Education Technology in 2018 By Matt Greenfield     Jan 27, 2018 I find myself without strong enthusiasm for the task of writing a conventional set of predictions about education technology in 2018. The most urgent...

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New York, New York… Ottavia’s summer internship

Last week we had the chance to interview Ottavia Pomini, a former Student Value Path participant who is now living between Milan and New York because of her professional and personal life. She told us about her summer internship experience in New York City at...

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Summer internship in Milan: Dafne’s experience

Two days ago we met Dafne, one of our former students who experienced a summer internship here in Milan with our Student Value Path (see http://www.careerpaths.it/student-value-path-en/) She told us about her summer internship experience and her project with Career...

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