Friendly with respectful – to everyone!

Though job recruiting has changed over the past several year the primary aim of the recruiting remains the same; to establish if there is that “fit” between the company and the candidate.

Interviews are an integral part of that process and here are 5 tips that will help you.

1.Tell your story

Turn your experiences into a forceful story that shows who you are, what you have done and how you have made an impact — why you made specific choices along the way.  Demonstrate how you have overcome challenges and adversities and more importantly remember that the interview is not just about highlighting individual capabilities, but also proving that you are also capable of working with others.

2.Do your research

Learn about your potential employer’s business, their mission and their recent initiatives. Understand the industry – what are the challenges and opportunities, what are the trends. Show that you understand the bigger picture and lastly, describe your passion and your qualifications for doing this job at this company.

3.Ask questions, and listen

The interview should be an exchange, a two-ways conversation. Ask (but DO NOT stage for effect) questions that reveal that you are prepared and looking to learn more about the company, the role and the team (see our post on the best 32 questions to ask in a job interview!). Remember to listen and stay focused as you learn from your interviewer’s experiences and insights.

4.Be authentic

Remember to be yourself. The interview process should help to determine whether your values align with the company’s values.  Do not be overly rehearsed or act in a certain way just because you think that it is what is required. Give yourself the room and opportunity to react.

5.The basics

Companies hire people who will thrive in their corporate culture, so show that you are collaborative, collegial and thoughtful. Here are some of the foundational behaviors that matter:

  • arrive on time
  • be friendly with everyone
  • know the dress code
  • pay attention to your body language
  • send a thank you email/note

Interviewing is really about having an exchange and determining whether there is the potential for a mutually beneficial role for both you and the company.


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