Internship in Education

Assistance to:

  • Recruiting, training and managing staff
  • Handling correspondence
  • Organizing and servicing committee and academic board meetings (producing agendas, taking minutes etc.)
  • Researching, writing reports and preparing statistics on the assigned themes
  • Purchasing equipment/other goods
  • Liaising with potential students, other institutions, government departments and external organizations
  • Helping with course approval and evaluation activities
  • Timetabling
  • Administering and coordinating student recruitment and examinations

Education Internship

The intern will participate to the following activities:

  • Servicing committees including academic boards, governing bodies and task groups;
  • Assisting with recruitment, public or alumni relations and marketing activities;
  • Providing administrative support to an academic team of lecturers, tutors or teachers;
  • Drafting and interpreting regulations and dealing with queries and complaints procedures;
  • Coordinating examination and assessment processes;
  • Maintaining high levels of quality assurance, including course evaluation and course approval procedures;
  • Contributing to policy and planning;
  • Managing budgets and ensuring financial systems are followed;
  • Liaising with other administrative staff, academic colleagues and students;
  • Liaising with partner institutions, other institutions, external agencies, government departments and prospective students;
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