Max Braun studied at the University of Illinois. He started his academic career with both creative and purposeful visions and wanted to work in an advertising agency —— to win over Cannes.  He decided to test himself with an internship, in understanding the need to directly experience the world of work.  Max launched himself into an adventure.

“It was the most important and best decision I made” says Max in his story on Linkedin — and the answer is as simple as it is profound: human experience is stronger than any theory or any rule. The relationship with other professionals – the daily challenges that must be overcome – and experiential learning can not be simulated on the banks of the university. The relationships and dynamics that are experienced at work can not just be verbally told or even quantified.  Only personal practice will establish muscle memory and the clarity of personal analysis.

The working world is very different from what we read about books. Stimulating self-assessment will allow us to parse through our potential interests while developing the personal framework for some of the following questions.

  • How do you manage your time?
  • Do you know how to estimate and respect delivery times?
  • Can you relate with new people and interpret their needs?
  • Are you multitasking?
  • Can you support one of your projects and present it to others?

The list could be extended indefinitely but we stop here, because the important thing is to develop the curiosity and wherewithal to find answers and start building your own path!

Good internship to everyone!

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