Two days ago we met Dafne, one of our former students who experienced a summer internship here in Milan with our Student Value Path (see

She told us about her summer internship experience and her project with Career Paths.


Where did you do your internship? For how long? In which sector? In which company?

I had my internship here in Milan and I worked for the Boston Consulting Group in the HR Department: it has two different segments, and I was assigned at the HR General Services, so I had to manage the employees of the company and their jobs.


How would you define your experience in BCG?

Certainly a formative experience. I worked in a very strong and solid team, and there was a great tutorship. I’ve always felt comfortable and at ease, I had my independence but my tutor guided my job during the experience. I’m quite satisfied about it!


Speaking of skills, do you think you have improved your existing skills? Have you also developed new capabilities?

Obviously, yes. I improved my existing skills being responsible for my assignment and committed to the job. Furthermore, I developed strong communicational and relational skills, because every day I was in contact with different people coming from different areas of the company. This is what I loved the most about my internship. To tell you the truth, I couldn’t apply the theory I am studying at University to this job: I am a student at Columbia University in International Studies with focus on Asian and Middle Eastern Culturesso we can say that my area of expertise is a little bit different. Certainly I had the chance to strengthen my powers of observation and deepen the interpersonal relationships management.


What are you doing now? Do you think the internship gave you the necessary skills to face the world of companies and jobs?

Currently I took a semester off at university, and I decided to join my parents in Asia. They are moving there for my father’s job, so I’m taking advantage of this and having some days off.

After this period I’ll go to Morocco to improve my Arabic and there I’ll do another internship experience. Next year I will finish my course at university, and then… I don’t know! I will certainly look for job opportunities in the US, otherwise I will find an interesting master program and go on with my studies there.


Would you recommend this kind of experience?

Absolutely yes. It’s quite formative. You start to experience what life is after school time, and you learn things that you are certainly going to use in your working future. So my advice is to live this experience fully, as I did, and this will definitely have a positive impact on you and on your future life. Thanks to Career Paths and to this experience I understood that I’m quite interested in the HR sector, but I would like to find something a little bit more stimulating and “active”. I am used to the American life style, which is different from the Italian one: everything is faster, bigger, louder, higher. I hope one day I’ll find what suits for me!

Thank you Dafne, and good luck!

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