These key steps during your internship’s first month will help ensure that you are successful and can help you create long-lasting professional relationships, build a referral network and gain insights into the company’s culture and operations.

Here are six action steps:

  1. Make a great impression

The internship itself is a multi-month-long first impression for future roles and referrals.  Start strong and show that you are excited, engaged and serious. Dress professionally, arrive early and know current events.

  1. Ask questions, and carry a notebook

Ask questions! Research the potential answer yourself first — then ask.  People most always would rather speak then listen and will help.  Take notes with pen and paper.  It will show that you are paying attention and are engaged.  Physically writing something will increase your retention and show that you are not being distracted by social media technologies.

  1. Set up coffee meetings with your co-workers

Coffee and lunch breaks are a great opportunity to get to know your boss and your co-workers. Reach out to your team and be perceived as being a confident, likable and friendly.

  1. Offer to help on additional projects

Once you know your responsibilities and can complete them, ask if you can help with additional projects.  Send a clear message that you are serious about your internship and contributing to the team.

  1. Don’t leave at night without stopping by your boss’s desk

Stand out and ask your manager if there is anything else they need, and if asked to complete a small task do not rush through it.

  1. Keep a record of what you accomplish

Writing a weekly record of your contributions, new relationships and other ways that monitor your progression will prepare you for upcoming interviews and when needing a letter of recommendation.

Here is a great start to your internship. Good luck!


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