Our interview with Luca

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Luca Tarable, a former Student Value Path participant who is now living and studying in Boston. He told us about his summer internship experience in Milan.

Luca, what are you doing now in Boston?

I’m currently studying for a Master in International Marketing. During my classes I work on many different projects including one where my university is partnering with Google on a blueprint for the American healthcare system.  We had the opportunity to visit their offices and to attend a lecture here in the campus. It was a great experience!

I am also a professional football player.  I play for the Boston City Football Club with virtually full-time training and games almost every weekend. Recently we went to New York for an away game, and it was amazing. Playing football is one of my biggest passions and I have to reconcile it with my student life.

Wasn’t your internship in a completely different sector?

Yes, it was in the publishing sector. I have always loved writing, since I was a child, and thought that having an experience in a newspaper would improve my writing ability. It did! I was an intern in “Gli Stati Generali”, a popular online newspaper in Milan. They combine professional journalistic activity with the chance for everyone to participate in writing articles.  It was an interesting both as an individual and in learning about collaborative efforts.  I’m from Trieste, and it was the first time I had to live in Milan. I stayed at a friend’s house which mitigated some of the day to day challenges. I also came first in a half-marathon while in Milan!

What about the skills you learned or improved upon?

I certainly learned how to live and move in a working environment. Furthermore, one of the things that I found useful was the concept of native advertising. I learned it during my internship and then, when the topic was covered during one of my classes, I already knew everything about it!

Would you recommend this kind of experience?

Definitely. I learned new skills and improved my existing capabilities. I learned things that are not explained in schoolbooks, things you come in contact with only through a working experience. We certainly study harder in Italy, but we lack in both life and professional experiences. Thanks to Career Paths I had the opportunity to see if the publishing sector could be an option for me. Now I can say that I would prefer to work in a sport marketing business.


Thank you Luca and good luck!


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