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Paths for companies



The Corporate Value Path allows to work in partnership with companies to provide work groups, in particular high-powered Middle and Top Management, with innovative tools customised for development and consolidation of leadership skills. Every course is built in management needs. Career Paths concentrates on three main areas:

Individual Effectiveness

  • To understand the individual’s preferred type of activity, creative inclinations and preferred learning method.
  • How thought patterns influence his/her working methods and interactions with others.

Team Effectiveness

  • To understand differences and similarities in the working methods of team members.
  • To communicate and work in ways that take advantage of these differences.
  • To improve the creativity of the entire team through the use of the brain’s overall effectiveness.

Leadership Effectiveness

  • To achieve greater awareness of leadership style and its impact on team members.
  • To learn to adapt one’s message to other people’s personalities on order to increase their motivation.
  • To learn to exploit a group’s creative potential.
  • Career Paths works in partnership with Universities and professional training establishments in planning, organising and managing career advice and coaching.
  • The aim is to equip those working in the sensitive area of Career Building with appropriate and innovative tools for creating value in daily business.
  • We also help institutions to organise curricular and extra-curricular internships in Italy and abroad. We work with a leading global executive search company to provide a vantage point on the world of work, accompanied by effective career advice.

Career Paths also collaborates on CSR projects, with internal stakeholders’ interests in mind. The focus is on education projects for employees’ children. The projects are designed for young people/university students, and are intended to create a path enabling them to integrate into the workplace easily and with satisfaction on completion of their studies.

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