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Constructive ideas for quarantine

In these quarantine days, many businesses have slowed down and we find ourselves with some more free time. There are those who read more, those who dedicate themselves to cooking and others still to do-it-yourself projects. Some take part in online courses on technology, foreign languages, communication or marketing. There are many creative ideas that can be put into practice in order to learn something new, stay up to date and make this time at home productive.

There are a myriad of constructive ideas for quarantine. The important thing is to carry them forward with passion and interest, so that this period can be of value to you,  and lead to benefits for the future.

For example, in the previous episode (you can read it here) we presented the London Business School webinars. In this article, we suggest some online activities which could be to your advantage. There are those who are taking advantage of this to obtain the TOEFL or GRE from the comfort of their home. Find out how from the link below! And don’t forget to give us your suggestions in the comments.

Constructive ideas for quarantine

Online courses

Harvard University – over 60 free courses made available by the prestigious American university.

LinkedIn Learning – experiences and suggestions directly in the world of work.

Edx – access to over 2500 online courses made available by participating institutions.

Open Learn – Search for free courses, interactives, videos and more!

Skill Share – watch, play, learn and find out how to stimulate your creativity.

Class Central –  thousands of online courses from top universities including MIT and Stanford.

Codecademy – one of the best ways to learn coding.

General Aseembly – numerous online courses and events for the future of work.

Coursera – develop your skills with courses and certifications from companies and universities.

Future Learn – online courses to explore business, medicine, teaching and more!

Practice foreign languages

Internetpolyglot – space for learning foreign languages by memorizing words and their meanings.

Spotify – the famous music platform offers hundreds of podcasts in numerous languages to listen to at all hours.

TED – ideas and projects from all over the world.

BBC Learning English – take the accent of her majesty with the materials offered by the BBC.

Brilliant Journeys – whether your English is at basic or you want to get to a native level, Brilliant is the right place to start your journey.

Lingoda – German, French, Spanish and English from home and at any time.

+Babbel – be guided in a personalized learning path.

And don’t forget the movies and TV series that you can watch in the original language (and if you want with the subtitles, always in the original language) on Netflix, Disney +, Amazon Prime and all the other entertainment platforms.


TOEFL iBT® Special Home Edition – the famous test for the certification of the English language from the comfort of your home!

GRE® General Test at Home – the Graduate Record Examinations is a standardized test required for admission to many international masters.

Duolingo – platform for learning languages and certifying your online level.

Training for test

IELTS – all the tips and tricks to successfully prepare your English certification.

British Council. -a series of webinars to prepare you for IELTS.

Khan Academy – College Board partner for SAT test preparation.

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