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    OPINION | EDTECH BUSINESS Sources of Hope for Education Technology in 2018 By Matt Greenfield     Jan 27, 2018 I find myself without strong enthusiasm for the task of writing a conventional set of predictions about education technology in 2018. The most urgent needs of the most vulnerable children in this nation involve other technologies. Children […]

Summer internship in Milan: Dafne’s experience

Two days ago we met Dafne, one of our former students who experienced a summer internship here in Milan with our Student Value Path (see She told us about her summer internship experience and her project with Career Paths.   Where did you do your internship? For how long? In which sector? In which company? I had […]

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill ~ Writing a thesis ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~` Thesis Statements What this handout is about This handout describes what a thesis statement is, how thesis statements work in your writing, and how you can craft or refine one for your draft. Introduction Writing in college often takes the form of persuasion—convincing others that you have an interesting, logical point of view […]

Why is Accenture saying goodbye to annual performance reviews

Why Accenture is saying goodbye to annual performance reviews ACCENTURE CEO EXPLAINS WHY HE’S OVERHAULING PERFORMANCE REVIEWS By Lillian Cunningham The Washington Post Pierre Nanterme has spent 32 years working for Accenture, culminating in his current role as CEO of the global professional services firm. And yet, that longevity has done little to make […]

The first month of an internship ~ 6 things to do

These key steps during your internship’s first month will help ensure that you are successful and can help you create long-lasting professional relationships, build a referral network and gain insights into the company’s culture and operations. Here are six action steps: Make a great impression The internship itself is a multi-month-long first impression for future […]

Email etiquette rules

Email is an essential tool that can be effective with thoughtfulness and discipline. It should not be supplanted by other forms of social media.  Professional behavior, common courtesy, a clear message and the following rules of etiquette will allow you to be efficient and to control the process: Professional sounding addresses will make the right […]

Six ways to be proactive in your job search

Looking for a job often becomes a passive process and an exercise only, in immediate gratification.  Job postings, with the rush of sending cover letters and resumes can give the impression of proactivety but often are just that – an impression.  Imagine if you were the hiring manager and received 185 responses for a single […]

Experience in Milan ~ Luca Tarable’s internship

A couple of weeks ago we interviewed Luca Tarable, a former Student Value Path participant who is now living and studying in Boston. He told us about his summer internship experience in Milan. Luca, what are you doing now in Boston? I’m currently studying for a Master in International Marketing. During my classes I work […]

Internship experience ~ Anna Cervesi

Last week we met and shared a Skype call with Anna , one of our Student Value Path participants.  She is experiencing her summer internship in Miami in the field of architecture. How is your internship going, Anna? How is your job organized? I have to say, I’m quite enthusiastic. I’m working in an architect’s […]

Summer internship experience ~ Jelena Brajevic

A couple of day ago we met with Jelena, one of our former students who experienced a summer internship here in Milan with our Student Value Path. She has come back to visit the friends she met while working in Milan.  We took advantage of her coming in to say hello and did a short […]

How to face the challenges of the workplace

We all have things that we consider as the improbable — running a marathon, climbing a mountain, contributing during meetings or changing our job. Sometimes we struggle to find the wherewithal to overcome these fears, and  sometimes we are strong enough to tackle what once seemed out of reach. Here we propose 4 principles that can be applicable […]

Job interview ~ how to ace them

Though job recruiting has changed over the past several year the primary aim of the recruiting remains the same; to establish if there is that “fit” between the company and the candidate. Interviews are an integral part of that process and here are 5 tips that will help you. 1.Tell your story Turn your experiences […]

Interview tips ~ how to leave a positive impression

Fundamental to a successful job interview are the insights gained from both your and the interviewer’s questions and answers.  The interviewer might challenge you on facts or may wish to see how you react to a specific circumstance.  Your responses and subsequent inquires will hopefully lead to a conversational tone and a meaningful dialogue. Here […]

La Scala‬’s annual premiere

La Scala‘s season opens on December 7th, Saint Ambrose’s Day — the patron saint of Milan. This year the premiere is “Giovanna d’Arco” (Joan of Arc), an operatic dramma lirico with a prologue and three acts by Giuseppe Verdi set to an Italian libretto by Temistocle Solera. The work partly reflects the story of Joan […]

La Recreation is Over (Abravanel and D’Agnese)

Designing one’s own future is not easy: obstacles, variations and distractions can distract attention from the initial objective, making it increasingly unattainable, until it fades away in the most extreme cases. We have already written that to face the world of work, its challenges and opportunities need a well-built CV, conscious choice of the course […]

Yes, to Summer Internships

The Minister of Labor Giuliano Poletti recently said that three months of school holidays were excessive and that it would be of a positive nature for a young man to work three or four hours a day for part of the summer. We at Career Paths support this position and appreciate the innovations introduced on […]

Internship ~ experience and human relationships

Max Braun studied at the University of Illinois. He started his academic career with both creative and purposeful visions and wanted to work in an advertising agency —— to win over Cannes.  He decided to test himself with an internship, in understanding the need to directly experience the world of work.  Max launched himself into […]

Investire nell’educazione. Spunti dal convegno del 10 novembre

Ci sono imprese che nascono per un’intuizione, per rispondere a specifiche esigenze del mercato o perché si crede fortemente nella propria mission. Career Paths è stata costituita proprio perché per questo, perché crediamo che l’istruzione sia un investimento per il futuro. Ci rivolgiamo ai ragazzi, ma parliamo con i loro genitori che spesso sottovalutano l’importanza […]

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