Asset Management Internship

• Assist senior portfolio managers in managing client’s money;
• Researching about new markets and financial products;
• Advising colleagues and clients about investments;
• Creating ad hoc reports;
• Assist in dealing with clients face to face or by telephone.

Private Wealth Management Internship

Responsibilities will include the following:

  • Identifying trends across assigned GICS industries;
  • Researching stock performance and draft volatility reports;
  • Assist in creating conservative, moderate and aggressive portfolios using stock valuation (Dividend Discount Model, Operational Free Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow to Equity) and portfolio diversification (Correlation Coefficient, Standard Deviation, Coefficient of Variation) methods.

SGR Internship – Equity Analysis

Interns will work in the Equity Research department and be part of the company’s sector coverage teams.

They will perform stock evaluation based on fundamental analysis of the target companies.

Additionally, they will prepare investment cases and must be ready to share his/her ideas of investment with the rest of the team and with the investment management team.

Students require the ability to write succinctly, have a strong understanding of financial statements, metrics, basic modeling and advanced Excel skills.

Portfolio Analyst Internship

This internship will allow the student to assist Portfolio Analysis Team.

Daily functions would include but are not limited to:

  • Reconciliations;
  • Cash forecasting and exposure monitoring;
  • Verification of Fund Valuations;
  • Performance calculation and query resolution;
  • Investigating and resolving queries from Clients, Performance Analysts, Reconcilers and Portfolio Managers.

You will be required to interact with key externals such as fund administrators, counterparts and other third party providers.

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