Video e Motion Graphic Internship

You will be exposed to all kinds of creative projects, such as:

  • Create motion graphic designs and animations;
  • Video documentations and presentations;
  • Proposal and pitch videos and presentations;
  • Minor researches;
  • Minor event documenting.

Strategic Planning Internship

The intern will be following the campaign managers in all of their daily activities, including:

  • Contacting with clients to identify specific business problems and develop ideas;
  • Checking live advertisements;
  • Prepare a timing plan to show who should do what and when and deliver campaigns against the agreed timescales;
  • Assist in presenting conclusions and ideas to clients and other agency staff;
  • Analyzing and interpreting customer response and sales data to evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign.

Advertising Internship

  • Assisting group members with various day-to-day client and/or agency tasks;
  • Gaining knowledge of basic media language;
  • Ensuring that communication flows effectively;
  • Assist in handling budgets, managing campaign costs and invoicing clients;

Web Design e Social Media

Work with clients to create a social media strategy that collaborates with marketing, PR and advertising campaigns.

Possible responsibilities:

  • Web design;
  • Assisting in production of websites;
  • Banner ad design;
  • Tracking project profitability;
  • Email and social pages design.
    • Continue to refine and define the company’s social marketing process;
    • Work with the team to create a solid branding message;

Advertising Account Executive Internship

Tasks will involve:

  • Meeting with clients to identify their advertising requirements;
  • Working with the agency to design a campaign that meets the clients’ brief and budget;
  • Presenting the campaign ideas and budget to the client;
  • Assisting with the formulation of marketing strategies;
  • Presenting creative work to clients for approval or modifications;
  • Writing clients’ report;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of campaigns.
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